Sunday, September 25, 2011

I just finished a commission for an owl quilt and am pretty happy with the results. As much as I love to paint and do mixed media, "paiinting" with thread is still my favorite. All the embroidery was done by hand, it takes longer but I love the process of it and seeing character develope. I hope they enjoy the blanket and the new baby to come has it for a long time.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I feel a little like I'm clinging to stuff. I started a new job that is just overwhelming me, leaving me less time to create and now creating the problem of what to do with my little boy for the summer, since I'm working 5 days a week. I know plenty others do it but I so enjoyed being home creating and being with my son. I liked my old job better too. People were wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, I knew my job and all the pressure was not on me.
This new job is as a bookkeeper and trying to straighten out a mess from outsourcing over the last year. Is a $100 more a week worth the stress? Tears, responsibility? If only some of my artwork would sell. I don't have to make a living at it yet, but something.
WAAAA WAAAA WAAA someone call the wambulance!
I've been looking at all these wonderful retreats coming up in the fall and would give anything to be able to go, I need to be around "my people" feeling quite isolated lately and would love contact with other creatives. I'd love to do our own mini retreat locally if I could find the people. Saves on travel! A retreat for one? Hmmmm I'll have to think about that, even if it's a motel room with paint and canvas music and wine! LOL

Happy creating!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering Summers

Remember the simple pleasure of running through water from a hose and how the water you drink from a hose seems to be more satisfying than any you've ever had before? Just watching my son play in the water brought back so many memories of doing the same thing when I was a little girl with my friends. Once the pool came along there was no need for the sprinkler anymore but I look back and don't think we laughed any less, maybe more. Let's face it what's not funny about slipping in the mud?

We had nothing planned for the day, just some yard work, perhaps a little time in the studio, I've got a show coming up next weekend. Now I'm making macaroni salad and we'll be grilling. It feels like a holiday. Lest we forget though this is a day for remembrance. My dad was a gunners mate on the USS Randolph during WWII so thanks Dad, Uncle Bob, Uncle David, Robbie. We appreciate all of you, and love you all.

Happy Memorial Day,


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer and an Open Heart

These are two new pieces available at my Etsy shop. Summer and Heart Wide Open. I've been begging for my husband to put up a clothes line for the last two years, I guess I'll do it this year. There is nothing better than getting into bed with sheets off the line, like sleeping outside without the discomfort! More than that though is how it reminds me of being a little girl watching my grandmother and mother hang out laundry. Clothespins in the pocket of their aprons, then running in and out of the clothes the clean smell brushing against my face, the way the shadows play while you're hiding and just seeing the blue sky above them. There's a feeling of safety, contentment and home.
I loved those days with them, sometimes having tea, telling stories and just being with the two most important women in my life, still to this day. They both gave me invaluable gifts that I didn't realize at the time. My grandmother gave me the love of crafting and making things from nothing and using your imagination. My mom a love of gardening. "Honey" my grandmother, is no longer with us but my mom at 83 is still here still playing with my son and encouraging his imagination, which by the way is vast!
Oftentimes when we fear a broken heart and not just broken by love, but by disappointment, fear etc. a breaking open is just what we need. We hold onto that which is familiar even if it hurts or isn't working and if we don't do something about it the universe will. And when that breaking occurs it's painful even crushing. But, if we let ourselves feel and absorb and learn we come through stronger with more wisdom and courage, we've grown only to emerge with more love for ourselves and our dreams. Don't be afraid of a broken or cracked heart hold it close and see it as a gift knowing you will get through and that you will be the better for it.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy days ahead

Since we are headed into a week of rainy weather (I do not remember moving to Seattle) I thought some photos of flowers and lovely weather might be in order. I'll be heading down to my studio, I really must get one with windows, not liking the basement, to create and finish some projects before I start new ones. Imagine! Will post the new projects soon. In the meantime enjoy the flowers!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cupcake Festival

Almost too cute to eat.....almost

They look like spring and taste delicioius

So many cute ideas for summer parties

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

Sometimes I feel like there is no one out there and I'm all alone. Of course that is not true. I read of how peoples lives have changed because of their blog not so much for me yet. I guess I need to get out there and read and comment on more blogs and invite people to share with me.

I could use some advice or at least some input at this moment. I know what I'd like to do but not sure if I have the guts to do it. It'll make huge changes in my life. A life that while not always happy is comfortable. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Last summer I got certified as a laser tech to do hair and tattoo removal and haven't found work. I just got a call from a place that has an opening but it's about 2.5 hrs away. I could stay during the week and come home on weekends, hey it's a job. It would just be really hard on my son. The thing is I would love to move away and bring him with me but that just won't be able to happen. Do I stay where I absolutely love my son but am not happy with my relationship or do I make the leap and see where it lead me? Please someone comment help me. I really would like to take the leap....but.....little man.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Son's Love

The other day Declan called me into his (mess) of a room to see what he'd made and it was a heart of beads, "For you Mommy because I love you." Who cares about a messy room after that?

He's been such a snuggle bunny lately. At school they had a Mother's day sale for the kids to be able to buy their own presents and of course he couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me. Let me tell you my boy knows me, he got me a canister of wild flowers to plant and a little plaque that says "It's a Wonderful Life". I can't believe how perfect those two things are, he needs to take his dad shopping for mom instead of the other way around! LOL

Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely moms out there. And remember if you have teens; they loved us once they'll love us again.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Display for today's community day event

It was a disappointing venue, no sales at all. I think my price point was too high for the venue, plus people weren't buying from anyone else either. It was a community day so people wanted fun stuff to do and freebies. People, lots a students, were not looking to buy art.

Oh well live and learn right? I did meet some lovely people and bartered some note cards for a foot message so all was not lost. I do have to get into more events where people are looking to buy art/photography and my embroidered items, eclectic assortment I know but I just can't settle on one, I'm lucky I've got it down to three! LOL

At least I took a leap and brought my stuff out for people to see, that was a little scary. I did however get loads of compliments so that; at least was very encouraging.

I will continue along until I find my way.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring and Selling

Dress of Shells

Pretty button dress

It's spring finally after a long delay here in the Northeast. Flowers are blooming, grass is being cut and the ice cream truck as already been around once. And I'm taking a flying leap and doing a community day event to sell my wares! I'm so nervous, especially about my display, I've been spending so much time making things to sell that I haven't spent much time on how I'll show it off. Being early in the season I haven't had the time to hit yard sales yet for appropriate items. I will do my best this time around but will make the effort to create a lovely setting improving it as I go along. It is after all a learning process. I just hope I sell something!

So wish me luck and I'll let you know how I do.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Some new artwork

I've been working like crazy, between real work

and motherhood!
I'm the calm in the center of the storm. The still spot surrounded by paint, paper and inspiration. Homework does not exist, houses are clean and dinner is cooked.
Yeah right!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clothes on the line

Can't wait to get to warmer weather and hang the clothes outside. This is not of my home but of one I found last summer while out taking photos. I'm begging hubby to put up a clothesline for me, is there anything better than the smell of sheets fresh from the sunshine? It reminds me of being a little girl and weaving my way through the line smelling the combination of soap and sunshine. The way the light came through my grandmother's aprons, sheets and flowered shirts. There is something so comforting and homey to me to see clothes on the line. I also remember my mother bringing in "frozen" jeans when it really was too cold to be hanging things out or the second "wash" things got with an unexpected rain.

Sunshine days, dappled sunlight, the smell of clean!

Here's to Spring!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Journal Issues

I will admit it openly - I LOVE getting new journals! This is the current pile some started some waiting to be filled and this doesn't include old journals that are filled with stories, sketches, day to day happenings. There's just something about an empty journal that makes my heart beat faster. I keep them mostly inexpensive, treating myself once or twice a year (Birthday & Christmas) to something special and perhaps leather bound. I prefere no lines but those are hard to find unless you just buy a sketchbook, and I have done that. My pens are just as important. I love fine tips, multi colors, sometimes pencils and sometimes what I call and "inky" pen, a pen with a nib and ink cartridge. Recenly I bought some ink and have a calligraphy set that I'm starting to use. Mostly for letter writing. LETTER WRITING! you say? Well yes. Sure I can send an e-mail, a twitter, a blog, but don't you just love going to the mail box and finding a lovely envelope with handwriting addressed to you? I know I do and I figure if I write one I might just get one back. I tried to do and exchange on facebook but sadly only a couple of people were interested. It may have looked more like an event than exchange. I'll try again.

Since I was a little girl I've loved the act of writing. Holding pen in hand paper blank and welcoming before me. First it was short stories and romantic stories of having the most handsome popular guy fall in love with me, ahem, my character. I was overweight and never dated so my fantasy dating life was full and varied. I wanted to be the only girl in "The Outsiders", stand on a hill in the Scottish Highlands waiting for my love. Journaling is also where I do my best thinking. I'll come up with answers to stuff as I'm writing and be very surprised with the outcome. It's like the unconcious comes through, as if my hand, pen and paper are a conduit to the universe. (cue X-Files music here) Speaking of X-Files, weren't we? One of the best screen savers I ever saw in the workplace was "The answer is out there, but we are in here....." Just thought I'd let you know.

Back to the journals. Whenever I get a book that requires me to do written exercises I am thrilled, I get to go buy and new journal, for a reason that can be justified. It doesn't matter that I have three or four journals that have not been started yet, one must be purchased for that specific purpose. Heaven. I'll even go on about nothing in my nightly journal because I'm liking the way my handwriting is looking and the feel of the pen in my hand!

Yes dear friends I am a journal (and magazine) aholic. Proudly displaying journals and finding new homes for them. And if someone makes me go to a 12 step program, well then I'll just have to get a new journal to track my progress!

Oh and the special occations I wait for? My birthday is on March 28th :)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes out of nowhere, like when you're going to pick up your son from school there is a moment of grace. A moment when you look into the eyes of something beautiful, the car behind you waits while you block the road taking a photo and doesn't honk. Finally I had my camera and the opportunity at the same time. Serendipity. I love that word. I love words.

Opportunity and the tools isn't that what art and creativity is all about? Being creative doesn't have to mean each time you sit down you create a masterpiece. But if you sit down and keep creating the right moment may come along where you create your masterpiece. Something that speaks to you, touches you in a way that other things do not yet if you kept yourself away you never would have surprised yourself with your wonderfulness.

Remember, no masterpiece was the first piece of art the artist did. Keep creating and find your masterpiece.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bread baking on a cold afternoon


Little ball of kneaded dough ready to rise

After rising, being divided and rising again ready for the oven

Nicely browned loaves

Ready to cool for butter and jam and tomorrows french toast!

I'd forgotten the pleasure of making home made bread. The smell of the yeast the kneading watching it magically grow and then this unbelievable smell of bread baking in the oven. I've had a bread maker for years and had always used that but nothing beats doing it all yourself. I promised hubby french toast with home made bread for his birthday so tomorrows breakfast will be fabulous! If you've never had home made bread french toast you owe it to yourself to do it at least once, it's the best you'll ever have, a little milk, egg, vanilla and cinnamon! YUMMMM!

I think I may get into baking more of my own bread, whole grains etc. Nice to know exactly what is in it. The only thing is you tend to eat more of it because it's so delicious.

Does anyone else enjoy baking on cold rainy/snowy days? There's something of a connection to the past to do this. Thousands of women use to wake up each morning and make the bread for the day even turn churn? the butter ( I won't go that far) for her family. My son often asks me "Mommy did you make this with love?" Today I can say yes from start to finish.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowy day after school

What does one do after several snowdays and it's back to school?
Why have a tea party of course, along with the March Hare!
Tea, Milk, Sugar, Cinnamon toast and silliness. The perfect welcome home.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Words are Powerful - Especially to ourselves

The Pigs are flying

Because of one Person

All I want to do lately is create all the time, I'm in my own little world. To paint and sew and make, they allow me to express myself so clearly. I can be a little all over the map trying to pick one thing so there are usually several projects going at once. Things pop into my head and I need to figure out a way to create it. Sometimes even having to get out of bed at 3 am when I'm lying awake just to jot it down or sketch it so my mind can rest.

I want the passion, the feeling of letting go that art is bringing lately. Bein g true to myself and especially my inner creative self. Letting the artist take flight (thanks Kelly Rae). So much wants to get out of me like my whole body has woken up and said FINALLY! I AM and Artist, not just my sister and nephew but me too. In my own special way. I don't have to limit myself to one thing. I can paint, do mixed media, embroider, quilt, make stuffed animals and dolls, sculpt figures. All of it. I am and artist and it's like admitting it AND accepting it for the first time. It's not saying i am and artist, in a shy embarassed way. It's claiming it, knowing it, feeling it and trusting, it. In so doing my whold being is screaming YEHA! Let's do it, and it's spewing idea after idea and revealing talent after talent. To the point where I am constantly surprised and amazed. I had no idea, none. It was always a wish, always a dream and you know what? The reality is even better. It feels amazing , wonderful and humbling. I'm not trying to be someone else or copy their work. I am allowing what I feel and need to hit the canvas, be it actual canvas, fabric, clay or thread.

Believe what you say and say what you believe. Feel it deep in your bones, deep to the light of your soul. When it's right you will know. Oh boy will you know. Thank you God for bringing me to it.

Love to all,


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Since it's been snowing about once a week lately I've been putting out bird seed and boy are the kitties enjoying the show. We have a big sliding glass door and the seed has been put on the porch in front of it, often all of them are lined up to watch. I need to keep my camera by my side to capture them.

Big storm heading in tomorrow so that means we won't be going anywhere and that means I get to play most of the day. A quick clean in the morning, and by the way my first thing I will do when I'm working as a full time artist; someone to come in and clean once a week so I don't have to! Hoping to start on a jungle themed wall hanging and finishing a baby afghan.

In other, I'm not sure how I feel news. I have not had my little "visitor" in about 2 months. Now I am 45 and it could be the beginnings of mentalpause, but.....and I'm not sure how I feel about the but. It would be wonderful, but I'm just getting the freedom a school age child affords. So I have an appointment with the Dr. on Thursday to see what's happening. Either way life is changing. But I cannot wait to not have that "visit" each month. (Jeez I feel 12 not being able to say period ) Silly

Have a couple of new things I've been doing these were a gift for my sister but I'll be making more of them. They are sweet, and fun to make.
I have a new mixed media piece too but have to take that photo again because it wont transfer. That will be put up tomorrow. I'll stop in and let you know what's going on with the storm and play.