Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer and an Open Heart

These are two new pieces available at my Etsy shop. Summer and Heart Wide Open. I've been begging for my husband to put up a clothes line for the last two years, I guess I'll do it this year. There is nothing better than getting into bed with sheets off the line, like sleeping outside without the discomfort! More than that though is how it reminds me of being a little girl watching my grandmother and mother hang out laundry. Clothespins in the pocket of their aprons, then running in and out of the clothes the clean smell brushing against my face, the way the shadows play while you're hiding and just seeing the blue sky above them. There's a feeling of safety, contentment and home.
I loved those days with them, sometimes having tea, telling stories and just being with the two most important women in my life, still to this day. They both gave me invaluable gifts that I didn't realize at the time. My grandmother gave me the love of crafting and making things from nothing and using your imagination. My mom a love of gardening. "Honey" my grandmother, is no longer with us but my mom at 83 is still here still playing with my son and encouraging his imagination, which by the way is vast!
Oftentimes when we fear a broken heart and not just broken by love, but by disappointment, fear etc. a breaking open is just what we need. We hold onto that which is familiar even if it hurts or isn't working and if we don't do something about it the universe will. And when that breaking occurs it's painful even crushing. But, if we let ourselves feel and absorb and learn we come through stronger with more wisdom and courage, we've grown only to emerge with more love for ourselves and our dreams. Don't be afraid of a broken or cracked heart hold it close and see it as a gift knowing you will get through and that you will be the better for it.


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