Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snowy day after school

What does one do after several snowdays and it's back to school?
Why have a tea party of course, along with the March Hare!
Tea, Milk, Sugar, Cinnamon toast and silliness. The perfect welcome home.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Words are Powerful - Especially to ourselves

The Pigs are flying

Because of one Person

All I want to do lately is create all the time, I'm in my own little world. To paint and sew and make, they allow me to express myself so clearly. I can be a little all over the map trying to pick one thing so there are usually several projects going at once. Things pop into my head and I need to figure out a way to create it. Sometimes even having to get out of bed at 3 am when I'm lying awake just to jot it down or sketch it so my mind can rest.

I want the passion, the feeling of letting go that art is bringing lately. Bein g true to myself and especially my inner creative self. Letting the artist take flight (thanks Kelly Rae). So much wants to get out of me like my whole body has woken up and said FINALLY! I AM and Artist, not just my sister and nephew but me too. In my own special way. I don't have to limit myself to one thing. I can paint, do mixed media, embroider, quilt, make stuffed animals and dolls, sculpt figures. All of it. I am and artist and it's like admitting it AND accepting it for the first time. It's not saying i am and artist, in a shy embarassed way. It's claiming it, knowing it, feeling it and trusting, it. In so doing my whold being is screaming YEHA! Let's do it, and it's spewing idea after idea and revealing talent after talent. To the point where I am constantly surprised and amazed. I had no idea, none. It was always a wish, always a dream and you know what? The reality is even better. It feels amazing , wonderful and humbling. I'm not trying to be someone else or copy their work. I am allowing what I feel and need to hit the canvas, be it actual canvas, fabric, clay or thread.

Believe what you say and say what you believe. Feel it deep in your bones, deep to the light of your soul. When it's right you will know. Oh boy will you know. Thank you God for bringing me to it.

Love to all,


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Since it's been snowing about once a week lately I've been putting out bird seed and boy are the kitties enjoying the show. We have a big sliding glass door and the seed has been put on the porch in front of it, often all of them are lined up to watch. I need to keep my camera by my side to capture them.

Big storm heading in tomorrow so that means we won't be going anywhere and that means I get to play most of the day. A quick clean in the morning, and by the way my first thing I will do when I'm working as a full time artist; someone to come in and clean once a week so I don't have to! Hoping to start on a jungle themed wall hanging and finishing a baby afghan.

In other, I'm not sure how I feel news. I have not had my little "visitor" in about 2 months. Now I am 45 and it could be the beginnings of mentalpause, but.....and I'm not sure how I feel about the but. It would be wonderful, but I'm just getting the freedom a school age child affords. So I have an appointment with the Dr. on Thursday to see what's happening. Either way life is changing. But I cannot wait to not have that "visit" each month. (Jeez I feel 12 not being able to say period ) Silly

Have a couple of new things I've been doing these were a gift for my sister but I'll be making more of them. They are sweet, and fun to make.
I have a new mixed media piece too but have to take that photo again because it wont transfer. That will be put up tomorrow. I'll stop in and let you know what's going on with the storm and play.