Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally google let me back in. Seems if I'm away for a while it fights letting me back.

Spring is on it's way despite the snow on the ground, that'll stay for a bit I think since there is so much of it. Since last I was here I've had a job and lost it all within a month. Apparently I was to be up and running in a new job after only a total of 1/2 days training. Silly me. Though I do believe it has worked out for the best. It renewed my desire to be creative. Working full time does not give you much time for your craft when you want to exercise see your family and play with your son. And not being able to create for nearly a month, (there were other things going on as well) has informed me of what my soul already knows. YOU MUST CREATE!!! As my 4 year old would say "Silly to you" So my first forray is to be making a lion costume for a school parade. It's cool and I'm having fun with it. Will post pix when done. Good to be back.