Friday, June 17, 2011


I feel a little like I'm clinging to stuff. I started a new job that is just overwhelming me, leaving me less time to create and now creating the problem of what to do with my little boy for the summer, since I'm working 5 days a week. I know plenty others do it but I so enjoyed being home creating and being with my son. I liked my old job better too. People were wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, I knew my job and all the pressure was not on me.
This new job is as a bookkeeper and trying to straighten out a mess from outsourcing over the last year. Is a $100 more a week worth the stress? Tears, responsibility? If only some of my artwork would sell. I don't have to make a living at it yet, but something.
WAAAA WAAAA WAAA someone call the wambulance!
I've been looking at all these wonderful retreats coming up in the fall and would give anything to be able to go, I need to be around "my people" feeling quite isolated lately and would love contact with other creatives. I'd love to do our own mini retreat locally if I could find the people. Saves on travel! A retreat for one? Hmmmm I'll have to think about that, even if it's a motel room with paint and canvas music and wine! LOL

Happy creating!


  1. I agree with you totally...the STRESS is so not worth it. I recently took a promotion at work...STRESS city!!! Dr says I gotta keep looking for that joy in life...good luck to us!

  2. Came by to see your WWCreate Party. I'll be back.

    I worked a little when my children were small. Not much, but some. Now that they are grown I'm so glad I was mostly a Stay At Home Mom. Sacrificial for sure. Didn't do some of things other families did. Wanna know what they say now? It was YOU we wanted not the things you bought for us.

    Good luck!